Dehydration is a temporary status that arises due to various factors: a beauty routine that is too harsh, stress, excessive smoking or alcohol consumption, exposure to cold or heat, etc.

What are the symptoms? Tightness and minor streaks on the skin or hypersensitivity when applying a care product or getting out of the shower. Dehydrated skin may also produce excess sebum to restore the skin barrier. This happens because the dermis, which is normally 75% water, has a lower moisture content.

Some of us have skin that is simply dehydrated, while others have skin that is dry by nature as well as being dehydrated.

In the first category, the dehydration is only temporary. The skin’s structure is healthy and it simply needs to be more (or better) hydrated. Consequently, the most important element for this dehydrated skin is water.

Dry skin is a more complex problem: the skin no longer secretes sufficient lipids to protect itself and maintain its hydration naturally.

In this case, moisturizing and nourishing creams are required to allow lipids to penetrate deep into the skin and to avoid water loss.

Well-hydrated skin is healthy skin that is more resistant to pollution, harsh environments and many allergens.

This means that it better resists oxidative stress and ages much less quickly. Consequently, it is essential to use an effective moisturizer every day to preserve your skin barrier.

The surface of the skin has an effective protective barrier against cutaneous dehydration: the hydrolipid film. This film protects your skin from water loss and helps it stay hydrated.
But if this film is impaired, your skin is more vulnerable to harsh environments.

Perhaps you have noticed that your skin becomes extremely dry and chapped when exposed to cold, dry air? Chapped lips, dry hands and cheeks are a common problem during the winter months particularly if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

The objective of moisturizing your skin is to reconstitute this barrier, allowing the epidermis to be rehydrated in depth.

Regular hydration slows the signs of aging.

A study by the British Institute of Dermatology considered 122 women and compared the number of wrinkles they had with their skin hydration levels over a period of eight years. The researchers found that on average, a 28-year-old woman had a 52% increase in visible wrinkles at age 36 if she had dry skin, compared with a 22% increase in women with well-hydrated skin.


Regular use of a moisturizing cream helps to revitalize cells for a smooth, plumped skin.

Your La Rosée beauty routine ensures the optimal daily cleansing and hydration of your skin. These are the two essential steps to ensure perfect natural, clear, plumped skin.

The first beauty step is to remove all make-up from your face using a non-drying product so that your skin is comfortable and does not feel tight.

Our micellar gel with aloe vera and organic floral hydrolats combines the hydration and comfort of a milk with the speed and make-up removal efficiency of a cleansing water.

For perfect make-up removal and completely clean skin, it is important to remove impurities. Our tonic lotion completes the perfect detoxification and cleansing of your face. A small amount will suffice to provide the trace elements and minerals your skin needs. Your face is revitalized and your complexion extra fresh!

It is also essential to remove dead skin cells from the face once or twice a week with our gentle scrub with organic aloe vera. This restores a truly glowing complexion and is ideal preparation before you moisturize your skin.

Before your cream, dab our plumping serum with four vegetable oils onto your face and neck to consolidate hydration and offer comfort and complete nutrition.

Hydrate with our day & night care with light fragrances and smooth textures. Always effective, and every application is a pleasure!

Shower every day with our unique cleansing shower oil which deeply nourishes, restores lipids to the skin and protects from harsh environments. You’ll never want to use a traditional shower product again!

Then wrap yourself in a veil of softness with our shea butter moisturizing body cream. The texture and fragrance are simply divine.

A beautiful skin is a skin cleansed and hydrated by La Rosée !